UAMS Consortium

The UAMS Consortium is a council of advocates, a dedicated group of community leaders volunteering their time to support UAMS, in affiliation with the UAMS Foundation Fund Board. The Consortium members help to raise public awareness of UAMS programs and its philanthropic needs, act as ambassadors for UAMS and liaisons with the community, helping to connect UAMS and its constituents, while providing invaluable advice and assistance.

14th Annual Julep Cup Jaunt

Saturday, May 6, 2017

4:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Daniel J. Beck
Mr. Phillip Butterfield
Mr. Shane Carter
Mr. Eugene Castrejon
Ms. Laura Connor
Mr. Keith E. Cragg
Mrs. Maria Furcron
Mrs. Shana K. Woodard Graves
Leslie E. Harmon, BSN, RN
Mrs. Tracy M. Harrelson
Mrs. Nikki Lovell
Mr. David Mann
Mrs. Erin C. Marcussen
Mr. Chris Marsh
Mrs. Prentice T. McIntosh
Mrs. Leigh A. Newton
Mr. Daniel M. Oberste
Mr. L. Buckley O'Mell
Mrs. Lisa G. Rapp
Mr. Jacob Rice
Mrs. Susan Richards
Mr. Vernon A. Scott
Mrs. Brandi B. Stafford
Mrs. Mitsy Tharp
Mr. Jacob White