Precision Medicine

Do you ever wonder what health care will be like 10 or 20 years from now? One thing is certain: It will be a lot more precise.

Precision medicine uses a patient’s own genetic information to provide the best possible care. Recent advances in genomics, along with future discoveries, will help us to better predict your predisposition to disease – and even prevent it. With genetics-based tools, we can more precisely diagnose complex conditions and determine the most effective medications or other treatment specifically for you, while avoiding adverse reactions.

At UAMS, thousands of patients have already benefited from genomic advances in areas such as treatment for multiple myeloma, breast, colon and other cancers. Our adult genetics program provides highly personalized care for patients with Down syndrome and many other genetic disorders. UAMS has one of the few ocular genetics clinics in the nation.

Medicine reached a historic point when the human genome was sequenced in its entirety in 2003. And yet, biomedical scientists and physicians still only understand a fraction of what the genetic code means and how to use it to improve health care.

Arkansans should not have to wait to benefit from the ongoing advances in genomic knowledge.

That’s why UAMS is committed to becoming a leader in integrating personalized, genomically informed medicine into our already stellar patient- and family-centered clinical care programs. Likewise, we are devoted to innovative genetics research with great potential to transform medical care. And we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of doctors, nurses and other health professionals to provide world-class care in the genomic era – while also helping today’s health professionals advance personalized medicine throughout the state.

The potential is unlimited. With your support, we will build personalized medicine programs that transform the lives of Arkansans.

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