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Join us October 2, 2018!


What a difference you made in 2017!


Last year you helped UAMS raise $356,137 from 1,157 gifts in just 24 hours! Your incredible generosity supports various programs, funds, colleges and institutes that are spread across areas of patient care, education and research. Thank you for making the inaugural UAMS Day of Giving such a huge success. We hope you'll join us this October for the second annual UAMS Day of Giving!

Join us here on October 2, 2018!
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Today is#UAMSDayofGiving! We need your help to make discoveries faster, save more lives & offer hope.
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We're having a hoot today for #UAMSdayofgiving! Our goal is $250,000 in 24 hours. Visit and pick where you would like to see your money used. Donate today!
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Check back on the day for updates from all the excitement going on!
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Check back on the day for updates from all the excitement going on!

The UAMS Effect

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