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UAMS includes five colleges and a graduate school. Alumni services are managed by each college. Select from the menu below to view each college's alumni offerings.

Recent Alumni News

Expanding the Classroom to the Community
Students across the UAMS College of Health Professions are finding community service is an integral part of their education.

Alumni and Giving Profile: Craig Gilliam, '78 College of Health Professions
“UAMS prepared me well for a career — I don’t think I realized how well until I got out of school and started working,” says Craig Gilliam.

Our College of Public Health alumni are doing exciting things with their degrees.
See our latest COPH alumni interviews. Top left to right: Jennifer Conner, DrPH/Leadership, MPH, ’08; Austin Porter, MPH/Epidemiology, ’09; Trish Wright, PhD/Health Services Research, MPH/Epidemiology, ’12; Delia Lee, MPH, MD/Generalist, ’11; Josh Conlee, MHSA, ‘13; and Abby Holt, MPH/Epidemiology, ‘08

Look who's featured in the newest APhA Pharmacy Today magazine!
Congratulations to Jody Smotherman, PharmD, '97 on the cover article focused on his critical role as Director of Quality at White River Medical Center in Batesville. Also featured are Jennifer Crabtree '09, Pam Street '07, and Maggie Williams '02.

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Did You Know?

UAMS graduated more than 900 health care professionals in May 2012 bringing its total alumni population to more than 27,000.

The UAMS College of Medicine is recognized in the Top 10 in the nation for producing family medicine physicians per the American Academy of Family Physicians.

UAMS ranks third in the nation - right behind California and Texas - in the percentage of active physicians who graduated from a medical or osteopathic school in state and are still practicing in state.