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Ken Halliday with his family
(left to right) Ken, Felice, Patty, Phillip, San Antonio, Texas

My Story

"I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on December 24, 2010 after my buddy gave me a bear hug that dropped me to my knees in severe pain. I was 49 years old, and at that moment my priorities went into sharp focus. I became obsessively determined to beat myeloma so I could be there for my wife, children and grandchildren.

I did my homework and sought treatment with Dr. Bart Barlogie at the Myeloma Institute. Once I had the facts, it was an easy decision for me. The Myeloma Institute treats more myeloma patients than anywhere else in the world, they run more clinical trials, and they have access to more cutting-edge drugs and therapies than any other institution.

I finished my treatments in Little Rock in 2011 and have moved on to maintenance therapy in my home town of San Antonio under the direction of Dr. Barlogie, with periodic check-ups back at the Myeloma Institute.

I am living a full and active life with my family without limitations. And, I stay connected with my myeloma buddies from around the world who went through treatment the same time I did. Life is good, and with the Myeloma Institute as my partner, I look forward to a long life ahead."

~Ken Halliday

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The Director's Message

The Myeloma Institute is committed to one overriding goal: curing multiple myeloma. Through innovative translational research, we have changed the landscape worldwide for myeloma treatment. While many patients have already been cured, we will continue to advance a cure for all patients. My sincere thanks to our donors, who help make our research possible and keep us firmly positioned as the hub of myeloma excellence.

Bart Barlogie, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Myeloma Institute for
Research and Therapy